Become an Affiliate

How it Works?

 When you sign up for the Affiliate program, you are essentially armed with two things:

  • Unique Promo Code: You will get to choose a unique promo code which will provide your customers with a discount on the Retail Price indicated on the site.  This same code also allows us to track sales commissions.

  • Unique Link: You will be given a unique link to the website that is cookies enabled for 30 days, which means that if a customer visits Ambiance Effect through your link, our system will know you get credit, whether they purchase anytime over the next 30 days regardless if they use the Promo Code.

As an Ambiance Effect Affiliate you will receive a 15% commission on all sales made using your given link or promo code.


Payment is made on a per-month basis and a full commission report. Affiliates will have a login to check any sales reports and account information.  

How to Sign-Up?

To sign-up, register with our affiliate partner, Refersion 

After we have reviewed your form you will receive access to our back-end software from where you can see different information about your account including your referral link, any coupon codes that are attached to your account, financials and reporting options.

Have questions? Feel free to email us! 

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